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Bachmann Engineering is a creator of useful and entertaining apps for daily use

Metal Detector

 Metal Detector and Magnetometer – Find silver, gold, treasure, relics and other magnetic stuff Download Description:   This app is detecting various metals using the built in magnetometer by measuring differences, fluctuations and interferences of the...
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EyeLED – The LD Message Banner App

 eyeLED – The LED Message Banner App Download Description:   Short time 50% off! eyeLED converts your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad into a dot-matrix L.E.D. display. eyeLED is a great way to communicate when spoken words don’t do the job, such as at the...
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Jump Dragon

 JumpDragon Download Description:   The higher the dragon jumps, the bigger is the reward. Beware of false steps, be shure to move upwards only! YOU HAVE A VISION. WE HAVE A WAY TO GET YOU THERE. BE AWESOME! Get…
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Wide Color

 Wide Color Download Description:   Wide Color keeps the balance between professional photography and fun while taking advantage of the new 16bit technology, thus raising depth and intensity of colors to a before unknown level, allowing you to catch and...
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Light Therapy

 Light Therapy Associated – Chromo & Light Therapy Download Description:   Enhance your mood and health with the power of Light, using the newest results of Aerospace research! Sunlight influences how we feel ourself and our health in general,...
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Disk Aid Pro

 App Not Found Download Description:   Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Phasellus ut volutpat diam. Etiam sit amet adipiscing est. Morbi scelerisque nisi sem, a mollis nibh lobortis a. FEATURES: • Nulla molestie purus at ligula...
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Face Care

 Face Care – DIY – Homemade beauty masks Download Description:   Face Care – DIY is a recipe book for face packs made of natural ingredients that you can source in you local shop, using tools your kitchen provides anyway. Face Care – DIY...
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Aristoteles – Blood alcohol level calculator

 Aristoteles – Blood alcohol level calculator Download Description:   How many drinks do you need? This app allows the calculation of the amount of alcohol to be consumed to reach a certain blood alcohol level. The calculations are based on Watsons Formula,...
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Track Guard

 Track Guard Download Description:   Track Guard keeps track of the iPhone and is setting of an alert when it gets abroad. How it works: – Define time and place where the iPhone should be. – Set up the e-mail address where notifications should be sent...
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Track your Treats

 Track your Treats Download Description:   Track your Treats is the ultimate Halloween App and enables you to track your treats with a single tap on the map. What does it do: The 2 modes of Track your Treats can be used simultaneously. 1) Define locations...
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